High School Series

“This is our beginning; you placed your fingertips on my heart and ignited something profound. I looked at you and caught a glimpse of forever. This was the birth of us, but it was also the destruction. This is how we came to be…”                                                                                     A.Y

An overbearing father, a secret crush, and a habitual rule-breaker… what could possibly go wrong? My name is Sidney Stansfield and I am a reformed rebel. Or at least I’m trying to be. And this year is going to be different because I have it all figured out. My grades will be perfect, I’ll be taking my school to the state championship, and I’m determined to leave my rebellious ways behind. Hell… I’ll do anything to escape the nightmare known as the Candor reform school for girls. That is, unless my mouth and my temper get in the way. 

My good girl plans are put to the test as I navigate through high school, bullies, an overbearing father, basketball, and temptations of the heart. A forbidden fruit otherwise known as my childhood best friend Drew Taylor. And as I catch feelings for the school’s resident bad boy, I wonder if I will be able to pull off my greatest feat yet… or will the perfect life I’ve been trying to make for myself come crashing down around me?

Unable to resist the dark side of things, I’m praying I don’t lose my freedom a second time, and that I’ll finally succeed in this game called life. 

Wish me luck…





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